Which Club Should I Go To?

Being a wrestling club ourselves, we're going to try to be as unbiased as possible with our answer to this. Many wrestlers have thrived in drastically different environments and wrestling clubs. The trick is finding which club your wrestler responds the best to, not to mention what kind of person you want him to be one day.

Environmental Factors

First of all, pay attention to the environment of the club you're at. If the coaches have a history of drug use, you may want to choose another room. Athletes need to be in peak condition to perform. Any drug detracts from their health, stamina, and overall well-being. This includes tobacco, dip, smoking, alcohol, etc. A wrestling club is supposed to be a professional school environment - drugs and alcohol should be strictly forbidden.

You should also be on the lookout for verbal child abuse. If you raise children in a negative environment they will grow to be negative people. A positive influence breeds positivity and success. A negative influence breeds failure and resentment. We're not talking about wrestling right now, we're talking about life in general.

Cursing in high school and college is not allowed, so don't let them get used to that in any wrestling room or professional setting.

Your children are very impressionable. Do you really want them to be subjected to verbal abuse and bad behavior? Do you want them to start picking up those habits as well? Make no mistake, that's what will happen. They are influenced by those around them.

Your children will have similar personalities and goals as the people you allow them to hang out with. From the start it was just the parents and their family. But as they get older, they get friends and other adult influences and role models. Make sure the role models you set in front of them have the qualities you'd like your child to have one day.

This goes for on and off the mat. If one of their friends is always getting into trouble, they will one day as well. Through social pressure or just proximity, it will happen.

It breaks our hearts to see good people go down dark roads. Be careful with who you allow your children to be around.

What It Takes To Be An Exceptional Wrestler

Every club has their own idea of what it takes to be a good wrestler. They have different ways of approaching this sport and try their best to do what they think they know will get your wrestler better. They all have different approaches to teaching, drilling, live wrestling, and conditioning.

We at Red Hawk think they rank in importance in that order, but other clubs think differently.

Some, as crazy as it seems to us, don't even teach or drill. If you're at one of these "clubs", then we have some bad news for you. You're not at a wrestling club, you're just at an open wrestling session. In college, wrestlers drill every single day. You want them to be used to it by then.

Drilling Technique

Drilling is often the most important part of the workout. It's where you learn what to do in any given situation. If you never learn, drill, and perfect moves, you're like a blind guy feeling around in the dark. You'll find things that work but that won't necessarily be the best option and bad habits may start to form.

It's important that you have guidance through these areas of wrestling so that the likelihood of success is higher. You need to have something positive to try in every single situation you find yourself in. The drilling session is when you learn what options you have.

Over time, the more technical wrestlers will always rise to the top.

Situational Wrestling

Live wrestling is very important as it forces you to react to a certain situation. Hopefully the coaches have taught you what to do out of that situation before the wrestling segment so you have an idea of what to go for. If not, it's kind of just a free-for-all.

It's important to be put in situations in practice so you're not so overwhelmed when you happen upon them in matches. If all you ever do is neutral or referee's position, then you're not properly being prepared for might happen.

You need options. And you need to try these options in practice many times before you can properly execute them in matches. It also helps with confidence and not hesitating.


Some clubs focus solely on bringing out the aggression of your kid and trying to make them tougher. They're missing the point. The human race itself prospered because of our ability to out-think every other animal, not because we dove head-first at them.

There is a thing called puberty, that brings out the maturity and should solve the aggression and toughness issue. That should come with age. If all you have is aggression, the more technical wrestler will pick you apart. It will be effortless.

We do condition at Red Hawk, but it's not for that long. If you want to be conditioned for running, you run. If you want to be conditioned for swimming, you swim. If you want to be conditioned for wrestling, you should be wrestling.

The Verdict

We didn't list any clubs for obvious reasons, but they all have different environments and different practice focuses.

We recommend you go to a club that has a good mixture of all three areas (drilling, live wrestling, and conditioning). We also recommend you go somewhere that the yelling is limited, cursing is at an absolute minimum, and the experience is generally positive.

If your child doesn't like it because the practice is too difficult, you shouldn't worry. They will get used to it eventually and be tougher because of it.

Make sure you stay and watch to see what they go over, how they run their practice, and how they handle the kids.

Posted: 12 months ago by sethciasulli