The Hazard has risen in popularity as of late, and for good reason. It is used all the way through college and many young wrestlers are starting to get very good at it. It's currently one of the best options to use as a tilt and works well along-side a half and claw ride due to how close the three are to each other. You also maintain the ability to control your opponent's hips when jumping between these three top riding techniques because your elbows can be consistently gripping his sides.

You will grab a two-on-one and then dive your head underneath the near side and roll. It's important to not hesitate, keep the wrist, and have the knee ready to stop the opponent's hip motion when he's on his back.


  • #1: Chop arm, knee up, elevate far leg
  • #2: Hazard
  • #3: Hazard, catch reinforced bar as you roll
  • #4: Hazard, he braces, other side tilt
  • #5: Hazard, he braces, other side, regular two-on-one, pull over left shoulder
  • #6: Hazard, he rolls, Saylor
  • #7: Hazard, he braces and strips hand control, grab far two-on-one, far hazard
  • #8: Standing Hazard
  • #9: Standing Saylor


Ideally, you won't allow wrist control to begin with.

  • #10: Two On One: Free arm under near wrist and over far, pry off
  • #11: When On Back: Push knee forward, roll off back