Should I Practice At One Club Or Multiple?

This is an issue when it comes to the area we live in, the Lehigh Valley. If you only have one club in your area, then you're limited in your choices. We have an oversaturation of clubs which leads us to the question - should we go to all of them, two, or just one?

Multiple - Pros

Attending different clubs gives you the ability to get different workouts in. The focus of their workout can come from three main areas: teaching and drilling, situational live wrestling, and conditioning. While we believe the importance should be placed in that order, others disagree. It all depends on the type of workout you're looking for.

You can always attend one club two days a week, and another the other two days. This will give you a different take on the sport and provide different types of workouts. It may also keep your child more engaged and less bored.

Multiple - Cons

The downside of going to many clubs is that you are being reinforced with many different styles of wrestling, which can become confusing for your child. Coaches seem to teach their style whether they know it or not, and when too many styles are up in the air, it's hard to choose which one to use. That leads to hesitation and overall ineffective wrestling.

From a technique point of view, you want their drilling to be often and consistent. If they're always drilling the same moves for certain situations, then those moves will shine above the rest. They will be able to react to situations without thinking. When you wrestle without hesitation, even bad technique can work sometimes. Now imagine when the technique is good and you don't hesitate. That's the making of an exceptional wrestler.

If your club only brings in guest clinicians or you are spotty with which club you go to, your kid is never drilling the same technique which again breeds hesitation. They're not sure of what to do or which move to use, because they never drill the same thing twice. Then they try the bad habits they fell into when they were young.

TL;DR (Too Long, Didn't Read)

We recommend you focus most of your energy on one club, regardless of which one you go to, so you receive consistent instruction and are able to react quicker when in a match.

Posted: 10 months ago by sethciasulli