This is the key to the success of the wrestlers at the Red Hawk Wrestling Club. We rotate our classes through these ever-expanding lesson plans day by day to give wrestlers a very well-rounded wrestling education. Through repetitive drill, we develop a wrestler's ability to instinctively react instantly to any situation.

The more consistent you are with our practices, the more you'll learn and get acclimated to the moveset and the easier this sport will become. It's not about having one good move that you do all of the time. It's about having hundreds that can be used whenever available. The only way to keep them all in mind, is by drilling.

It's also not about applying every specific move exactly where it's needed. It's about increasing your wrestler's overall wrestling IQ. The more they understand about the sport, the more they can use different techniques from each move in other areas of their wrestling. You never know when one move will apply to a completely different situation. When it's time to improvise and adapt on the fly, they'll be more likely to come out on top if they understand more about the sport than their opponent. Wrestling is like a language in that way.

It's no surprise that the best to come out of Red Hawk were also the most consistent and loyal. It's also no surprise to us that when you leave and stop drilling, you start to forget what you gained. The proof is in the results. We don't just train your wrestler, we educate as well, with consistent technique that they can build on and will be relevant for their entire wrestling career.

YouTube Videos

Next to some of the moves on these pages you'll see a YouTube logo. Click on that to see a video of Seth Ciasulli teaching said move. There's also a playlist at the bottom of the pages that'll show the series, starting from the beginning.

We are planning to fill out this video list with new content. This is very time consuming, but we plan on working on it eventually.