Reaching Beyond The Lehigh Valley

Hi everyone, Seth Ciasulli here. If you don't know already I am the owner and head coach of Red Hawk Wrestling Club.

This is going to be an introduction of Red Hawk's blog and YouTube channel and what I plan to do here on the internet. In order to help out the wrestling community as a whole, I need to do more. There are so many more wrestlers that I want to influence than just the ones who come to Red Hawk. I understand that not everyone can attend my classes, distance or money may be an issue, or just competing idiologies within the sport. So that leads me to the internet, to YouTube, where anyone can instantly get the information they want quickly and with little to no cost. These videos may also entice you to want to be a part of Red Hawk because there is nothing like real life instruction. So while I can upload videos, you can also bring your wrestler to Red Hawk to get the most of me as a coach, if you live anywhere near me that is.

I'm going to be making a few different series of videos.

One series will be me either answering your questions, or going through the many theories that I have as a coach. The first one I think I'm going to do will be titled "Dealing With Failure". You can see where this is going. This sport, and most likely many others, has a huge mental element to it. Usually, if someone is putting in all of the hard work necessary to be good and not seeing results, there is either something mentally holding them back, or they're not training correctly. Your body will not move if your mind doesn't tell it to. These inactions can have many different reasons. You as a wrestler, or as a parent of a wrestler, needs to figure out the problem. The psychology of the sport of wrestling is very valuable and it's the one thing that I am most feverishly trying to figure out. But it's also the most fleeting. Every wrestler presents new challenges. This makes coaching interesting, fun, yet difficult.

Finding new moves is rather easy, I just watch college wrestling and look for things that I don't know. Penn State's wrestlers do a lot of interesting things. I'm often getting into interesting positions with some of my better wrestlers while doing private lessons which leads to either one of us being creative and coming up with a new move. But getting your wrestler to unlock his true potential is a much more difficult task, yet can make the biggest impact and be the most rewarding. So, there's lots of little talks that I have with my kids as a coach that try to explain the process, and explain how you have to treat the sport in order to really be great. I also want to provide a strictly positive influence. Too often with youth sports, wrestling being a great example, parents and coaches are way too overbearing, and because of this they tend to ruin the entire experience for the wrestler himself. I've seen this countless times. Now, no one can have success without someone pushing them, but you have a find a way to balance all of that. I'll try to explain everything as best as I can.

Another series of videos I want to create are instructional videos. I'll need a partner for this and will have to video it down at Red Hawk, but there are a lot of moves I need to record. The videos that are up on YouTube right now are, in short, outdated. Some moves I don't even teach anymore, usually because of lack of time. However, there are moves that I don't teach often because they are not as effective as the ones that I do teach, so I focus more on them because it takes a while to get through my lesson plan and I can only fit in so many moves per night. Some nights we go over 20 moves or more in the advanced class. The lesson plan has grown immensely in the last few years, so you can see how important this is. The reason to video moves that I already posted is just because through the last few years I've gotten better at teaching. I'm more precise, I stutter less, I use less filler words, I explain common problems, etc. There is also quite a lot of background noise in the videos that are up on this channel right now, and the quality is not perfect. I can fix those problems entirely by going through the moves again in a more controlled atmosphere.

The third series of videos I'm thinking of doing is reviewing matches. I want to offer a service where I spend a minimum of 30 minutes reviewing a match, explaining in great detail what could have been done at each critical point. Every single engagement in a match could be handled a number of different ways. From how you handle the person posting on your shoulder or tying up with you, to how you handle his shots, how you scramble, how you try to score points on top or bottom, etc. You can fix many issues by picking apart matches in this way. I sometimes do this when I do private lessons. In the lessons I can have the kids drill the issues to further cement the point, but I feel like I can accurately explain these through my videos as well. Let's say $30 per video, and I want to put these videos up on YouTube so you and other people can watch and learn from them. I'll probably do the first few for free, so if you're reading this, send me a match so I can get started.

That's it for now, if you're watching this on YouTube make sure you hit that subscribe button so you never miss a video. I will be uploading videos as consistently as time allows. Thanks for watching.

Posted: 5 months ago by ambi