An outside single is one of the most widely used shots in wrestling. A high single is one of the highest percentage finishes. It starts with taking a shot on the right leg with our right hand, or left on left.

Usually, if you ever have an outside single, you try to pick it up. After you have it up high you have good chance of finishing and it's very difficult for even a college level funky wrestler to scramble and defend.

That doesn't mean we won't try to defend. When in this situation, more than any other, it's important to at least go for something. If you don't, you're likely to get taken down anyways. It helps to create a little chaos, and that's the type of scrambling we will always try to induce.

High Single (Leg In Opposite Armpit)

  • #1: Front trip
  • #2: Back trip
  • #3: Grab head, pull back, block foot

Opponent Sprawls

  • #4: Dip knee, far double
  • #5: Both knees under, head out the back door, grab cross ankle, swim inside arm through, grab far hip and turn
  • #6: Throw right elbow back, peek head out near side, drive double