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#6 Shin Whizzer (Defense), Jonesie | #4 Single Defense & Shin Whizzer

You'll get the whizzer, grab your shin, and put hip pressure to pull your opponent into the Shin Whizzer position. Stay hip-to-hip, your opponent will cover your ankle in an attempt to start finishing the shot, and when he does you'll circle your head towards his ankles and kick over his back. The pressure of kicking over his back should trap his arm that took the shot so he can't limp it out. You'll have time to reach behind the near leg and find your lock as you try to bring him over to his back.

This move is a LOT easier to explain in person or video format. It's really flashy and will catch a lot of wrestlers off-guard. They need to know the move in order to defend it, and it's not the most known move currently. Most good wrestlers, lets say top in the state or country, already know this one so it makes it a lot tougher, but still very doable.