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#3: Outside Single & High Single Finishes

An outside single is one of the most widely used shots in wrestling. A high single is very high percentage. It starts with taking a shot on the right leg with our right hand, or left on left. Usually, if you ever have an outside single, you try to pick it up. After you have it up high you have good chance of finishing and it's very difficult for even a college level funky wrestler to scramble and defend.

That doesn't mean we won't try to defend. When in this situation, more than any other, it's important to at least go for something. If you don't, you're likely to get taken down anyways. It helps to create a little chaos, and that's the type of scrambling we will always try to induce from this position. It does help if you defend quickly. The longer you take the worse it'll get.

  • Outside Single, High Single

    You drove into your opponent after taking the outside single, hopefully using head position, allowing you get a high single. You'll put his right ankle into your left armpit and try to get your hand as high as possible on your chest, securing the grip you have on his leg. This is one of the highest percentage positions for the offensive guy, as there's not much they can do once you get the ankle high up in the air like this. Most defensive things from this position can be countered pretty easily by someone well versed on funk and scrambling in general.

  • Outside Single, Sprawled On

    If you don't have great position or your shot wasn't set up well, you might have gotten to the leg but a little late, allowing your opponent to sprawl a little. While the situation is getting worse by the second, you can still make something from nothing if you apply the following concepts in the right way.