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#15: One-On-One Wrist Ride & Hammerlock

This series is aimed at controlling your opponent by controlling one of his arms and keeping as much pressure downwards as possible while you manipulate that arm.

  • One-On-One Wrist Ride

    Chop at the inside of the far elbow, pull weight down so his elbow hits the mat, grab the wrist. Lift his arm up and put your inside knee forward. Try to keep his forearm on your hip and keep your elbow pressure down into his shoulder / armpit so your opponent's head cannot leave the mat. Outside foot should be up, helping to keep hip pressure.

  • Hammerlock (Arm Behind Back)

    Throughout the course of using the One-On-One and trying some of the moves, your opponent may flatten out so as to not go to his back. When he does this you can take his wrist and put it across his back, getting this Hammerlock. Keep the wrist on the belt-line and apply pressure on it towards the mat on the far side of his body. Don't take it towards the shoulders as that will be potentially dangerous and will stop the match. Don't pull it away from the back or the referee may call it illegal, award the bottom wrestler a point, and restart you.