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#2: High Crotch Defense & Crack-Down

In wrestling, we always want to have options. We focus on winning and scoring out of every position. This hopefully happens when we are in on the shot, but sometimes we're not so quick and our opponent is in on our leg.

Even though we're in a defensive position, we should still look to score. This series goes over a bunch of different ways to capitalize on when our opponent makes that split second pause that so many do before finishing. Today, we're countering the so often used high crotch.

This lesson will also cover how to handle our opponent putting us in the same situation, offensively. We always try to teach both sides of the coin in this sport, offense and defense, because they are equally important to your knowledge base. You never know when you'll get thrown into a crackdown, it happens in scrambles all of the time.

  • High Crotch Defense

    This would be when your opponent is in the high crotch position. You will want to react as quickly as possible. This is assuming you didn't stop him with your head and hands, you didn't sprawl well, so your opponent is in perfect position to finish the shot. You must attack this situation just like you would any other. You were put into a position, assess the situation as quickly as you can and react to the first move that comes to mind that seems easiest to get.

  • Crack Down Defense

    When he has a high crotch, you can push his head and shoulders to the right. This will allow you to get past his shoulder and do what I call 'cut the corner'. Your right leg, the one he has control of, can slide between his leg as you grab a 'crotch lock'. What's a crotch lock? When you're on the left side of the crack down, your left arm will go through the legs, your right arm will go over his hips, and you'll lock your hands. While you're here, your right leg will be between his legs, you will be sitting on your right hip with a crotch lock. You should keep your left knee up, foot hugging your hips, in an attempt to prevent an easy double.

  • Double Defense

    So in this position, he'll be running double and on his way to finishing the shot. You don't have many options in this case, and it very well might be too late depending on how well your opponent transitioned from the shot to the finish. If you act quickly enough and attack the following options, you can still salvage the position.

  • Crack Down Offense

    When you get into a crack down (from the offensive side of the situation) you will want to get into what I call good position for the offensive guy. You should put your right hip down on the other side of his left leg (stage left). Drive your arm under the left leg to secure your shoulder into his hip which will prevent him from grabbing a crotch lock or attacking a leg to funk or something similar. If you stay in this position you will be pretty safe, allowing you to look for many different options.