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#11: Fakes, Down-Blocks, Re-Shots

Similar to Hand-Fighting, the idea is to trick your opponent and/or keep him on the defensive. The first shot is not meant to actually land against a good opponent. So while our foe is reacting to the first shot, or in this case the fake, we're going for the second, then the third, etc. We want to shoot while our opponent is reacting or recovering from his own failed shot.

These are the two most used types of shots in the higher levels of wrestling, and it's important that even our young ones start trying this. We won't always go over the entire series, time doesn't warrant it. But as you see, you can fake any shot to any other shot, as long as you stay in good position and don't let yourself get extended. This means, good penetration steps so you can keep your legs underneath you and stay in your stance throughout.

If the shot's not there, don't take it, the next one is just around the corner. In college you'll see wrestlers take four, five, six shots before they are able to get one. In essence, shooting turns into a numbers game. The more shots you take, the more success you'll find in neutral.

  • Fakes

  • Down-Blocks

    Your head and hands are the first line of defense against your opponent's shots. If you can stop them while they are taking the shot, it'll be much easier to re-attack because they'll still be trying to recover back to their stance. You have caught him while he is vulnerable, and this is one of the best times to take any shots.

  • Re-Shots (After Your Down-Bloc

    After you Down-Block you will usually have an Underhook. This allows you to do any move out of the Underhook series. So we give them these examples to drill and then let them figure out the rest on their own. If they are here today, then they will have learned the Underhook series as well, which will give them more options should they need them. The only exception to this would be the Far Outside Single, which will be done as soon as possible and without grabbing any sort of tie-up.

  • He Down-Blocks Our Shot

    When someone Down-Blocks your shot, this usually gives you an Overhook. So technically, you can do any move out of the Overhook series. We'll have them drill these two, and then let their creativity take hold after that. Plus, time usually is a constraint around this part of the series.