The high crotch is one of the most iconic shots in a wrestler's repertoire. It's very important and will be used throughout your entire career, so it's a good idea to get proficient at it. It's a single leg shot that ideally leads to a double. Your right hand will shoot to the left leg, or vice versa. Either way, your head will be on the outside of the body, while having your outside knee up, referred to as the "drive leg".

While we're taking this shot there are many different ways to finish it. It's important to continue adjusting throughout your finish. This can be done by going to other moves, moving your knee forward so it's still under your body, or by changing direction. No good wrestler is going to just fall over for you, they will react. What you do with their reaction will dictate how easy it is to finish.

After Setup

  • Drive in, pass ankle to armpit for a high single

    • #1: Pull knee down, circle away, attack far ankle
    • #2: Pull knee down, he recovers, push head to left, kick foot to right
    • #3: Collar tie, pull head forward
    • #4: Collar tie, hook leg, hop forward
  • #5: Cut double
  • #6: Turn the corner, lift
  • #7: Try to lift, he puts weight on foot making it awkward, run the pike
  • #8: Try to lift, try run the pike, cut double

Opponent Sprawls

  • #9: Head outside, pull your hips under you with outside hand posting, out the back door and turn towards (Nakasone finish)
  • #10: Head inside, palm to mat, circle towards, elbow down, collect far ankle