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Thursdays and Saturdays starting July 17th!

Red Hawk would like to announce a new addition to our lesson plan:

Future Hawks!

A toddler & parent athletics class! At this class our focus is the development of fine motor skills for kids ages 18 months to 3 years.

Activities will include but are not limited to: Slide, Wedge, Tape Markings On The Mat, Tunnel, Obstacles, Beam, Fall down and get back up (sprawl), Spin then stance, Box jumps, Gymnastic Rings, Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Army Crawl, Seal Walk, Walk Backwards, Stance, Hula Hoops, Limbo bars to teach stance, Balls for spin drills, Blow up wrestlers for attack drills.

This will get your toddler ready for our Mighty Mites class and introduce him or her to the world of wrestling!

In order to control your opponent, you must first be able to control yourself!


  • Have your child wear traction socks!
  • Bring a water bottle to be placed on the side.
  • Practice will start on time, come early to register.
  • Changing pad is available, but change any diapers before it starts.
  • Toddlers have good days and bad days, don't feel bad if they are shy at first, they always warm up and have fun.
  • Be ready to have a great time!

Register on Eventbrite by clicking here.

Contact Miss Megan for more info: (484) 707-1207.