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Red Hawk is dedicated to helping our loyal members as much as possible. After all, we're coaches, and we want our students to have the best chance to succeed. In order to be successful in wrestling you must be competing against the best, and frequently. While we go to as many individual tournaments as we can to coach our guys, we also want to facilitate a team atmosphere. This is where our club team comes in.

While being on Team Red Hawk, you will get the chance to compete in dual meet tournaments at various venues scattered across the east coast. Please be sure to hand in your application in a timely fashion. Our promary focus is serving our members and gettin them better. However, it will be up to the coaches discretion as to where or if your wrestler is placed on the dual team.

Team Rules

When you're a part of Team Red Hawk you are representing us, our brand, our business, our way of teaching, our way of life. We will make you adhere to certain rules to protect this sport and our repuatation. Once all wrestlers submit their application, coaches will create the team based upon their discretion.

There are some cases where wrestling up will be good for the kid or the team, that is usually restricted to the more seasoned wrestlers on our team. At the coaches discretion you may be asked to move up or down in weight depending upon what's best for the team and other wrestlers that are on the dual team.


After applications are collected prior to every dual, it will be up to the coaches discretion if they feel a wrestle off is necessary.


  1. The period times will be 1:30, 1:30, 1:30.
  2. College out-of-bounds. No riding time. Overtime is 1:00, 30, 30, ultimate ride-out.
  3. Best two out of three format if the wrestlers are close in ability. If the match is a major decision or greater, one match will do.
  4. If challenging, the wrestler currently with the spot will have to win once. The challenger will have to win twice. Should the wrestler being challenged lose, he must then win two in a row to keep his spot. This will carry over from a previous dual meet tournament and will be nullified if there's a change in a head-to-head match.
  5. Your weight must be within 5% of the weight class you are wrestling for.

We urge you not to abandon the team should your wrestler get challenged. What do you say to your child? What does that teach them? It teaches them that it's okay to jump ship and break commitments when you are faced with difficulty. It reveals character flaws. It teaches them it's okay to run away from their problems. It's okay to quit your job if someone is hired who could replace you if you don't work hard enough.

We want kids on our team that will face issues head-on, that will dive face-first into battle, and that will not quit because they're afraid of possible outcomes.

Whether you like it or not, your child learns his mannerisms, personality traits, the way he/she handles stress, by modeling their caregivers. That's you, and the decisions you make for them. If you want your child to be a certain way, you must act that way. If you want your child to be strong, you must be strong. If you want them to be able to protect themselves, you do not guard them from danger or failure, you teach them how to overcome those situations. You make them learn how. Wrestle-offs are one of the safest ways to do that.

By guarding them from the situation, you're robbing them of that learning experience. You're making them weaker. Regardless of whatever you think the outcome will be, you're hurting your wrestler's confidence and future, bit by bit.

This sport is mainly about character building. Wrestle-offs are the ultimate revealer of character. There is no conflict. You either win, or you don't. You earn your spot, or you don't. This is not soccer, basketball, football, or any other team sport of the like. You are not awarded a chance to play just because you exist. Teach your child that, and they will be able to face anything that comes their way in life.

For inquiry of our dual teams and to be placed on the e-mail list, please contact Seth Ciasulli: