This series is the introduction to leg riding in general and is the first version of legs that Red Hawk began teaching almost fifteen years ago. You will have one leg in and your toes will wrap around his ankle. The one downside is that this tends to anchor your hips to that one side, so it's extremely important to keep your weight to the far side. As soon as your hips fall, you're likely to get reversed.

Leg riding is tricky in itself, and many quit on it way before they have built up enough experience to get proficient. It does not matter what body type you have, every wrestler can ride legs, and often the best do.

The best advice if you want to be a leg rider? Do not give up on it. The biggest hurdle is being able to keep your hips up. We'll go more in detail when we go over the parallel leg ride, as this is where leg riding evolved to and where it is most dangerous to the bottom wrestler.

This is the series that put Red Hawk on the map as being good on top. We highly recommend you teach this series before moving onto parallel leg riding. They both complement each other very well and you will use them in tandem.


  • #1: Chop, tilt, leg in
  • #2: Lock leg, lift, jump leg in
  • #3: Half nelson, far leg in


  • #4: Hook under arm, lift, he puts hand between legs, ball and chain tilt
  • #5: Lift arm, get Arm Bar, Claw Ride on other side, roll across back, pull head to mat
  • #6: Arm Bar, Half Nelson on other side, roll across back and punch down half
  • #7: Arm Bar, grab barred wrist with tight waist arm (reinforced bar), pull to Hazard tilt
  • #8: Arm close to head goes over arm, cross face, grab far arm and pull
  • #9: Cross face, figure-four, lift knee, left hip down, hook behind leg, cradle, roll
  • #10: Try to cradle, he falls, cross face, push up with far arm, pull head under chest

He falls flat

  • #11: Grab over head and under arm, Assassin: jump to far side, legs out, hips down
  • #12: Leg that's in hooks over the leg that's not, knee up, navy ride cradle
  • #13: Same as last move, grab bottom foot from behind top leg, top shoulder tilt


  • #14: Don't let legs in (elbows to hips, knees to chest). We do a drill where the only object is to keep the top guy's legs out. Roll around with the top guy as he tries to throw in legs. The bottom guy can try to escape.
  • #15: Sit through, elbow in the back, switch
  • #16: Straighten leg, grab shin, throw, circle
  • #17: Farmer's Roll
  • #18: Grab trail leg, tuck under, throw hips over
  • #19: Power Half - Swim Out
  • #20: Banana Split - Stuff the elbow, roll and stack
  • #21: Kamikaze
  • #22: Force crab ride, escape