From time to time, we tend to get a lot of the same questions from our wrestlers and their parents. Everyone has their own answers to these and some are subjective and work differently for different people. We have a lot of time invested in this sport and believe in our hearts what is right and what will help propel your child through his wrestling career.

Parents: Please Read

Please keep in mind that these are not directed at any one parent in particular. We talk about the parents a lot throughout because you are pivotal to your child's development in this sport. If you happen to share one of the bad characteristics we touch on, you are just one of many who have had the same issue.

Remember, we've been running this wrestling club for over twenty years. The same things come up time and time again. To act a certain way is natural, but you can overcome.

There are no easy or short answers to a lot of these questions, so we'll break them up into pages. We have put a ton of thought into them in order to give the most accurate answer possible. Here is our blog and our opinions on the various topics.

  • How Should Parents React After A Loss?

    Farbeit for us to tell parents how to raise their kids through life. They're yours and you're free to do whatever you wish. We will however try to talk to you about how to raise your children through wrestling. Parents obviously play a very important role in a child's life, so that naturally ble...

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  • Should I Practice At One Club Or Multiple?

    This is an issue when it comes to the area we live in, the Lehigh Valley. If you only have one club in your area, then you're limited in your choices. We have an oversaturation of clubs which leads us to the question - should we go to all of them, two, or just one? Multiple - Pros Att...

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  • School League Or Club Team?

    The answer to this largely depends on you and your wrestler's commitment to this sport. While we'd love it if everyone came to Red Hawk, we understand that school leagues are needed. There are beginners of all ages, and the league serves as a great introduction to wrestling. This is mostly if th...

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  • How Often Should We Practice?

    This answer largely depends on your goals and how serious you are with wrestling. While time doesn't always necessarily equal improvement, it does have a lot to do with it. We have seven days in any given week. If you want to be a great wrestler, you should be looking to get some form of practic...

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  • How Realistic Are Our Goals?

    Your goals should be as high as you can possibly aim for. The old addage: "Reach for the sky, fall back to Earth; Reach for the moon, land amongst the stars", is truer than you may know. Compete Past Your Goals If you want to make the team, you need to be beating league caliber competition. ...

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  • Chart Watching And Knowing Names?

    Should I Watch The Chart? It's amazing to me how many people look at this stuff. Don't watch the chart, you should only look at it for your bout number. You need to approach a tournament one match at a time. You can't look down to the other bracket and say you'll have "so-and-so" in the finals....

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  • Thoughts On Head Gear, Knee Pads, Mouth Pieces?

    Head Gear You should always wear your head gear. It protects your ears and lets you to wrestle harder. Even when you're drilling, there are moves like a high crotch to double in which using the side of your head to drive your opponent horizontally helps tremendously. This is one of the most comm...

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  • Should We Cut Weight?

    Yes and no. A lot of the "cutting weight" should be done with good eating habits. No fast food, soda, candy, cake, doughnuts, or any other gross foods like that. None. Zero. Unless it's a birthday or major holiday, cut it out of your diet completely. We're serious. Don't eat it, and don't feed y...

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  • What Age Should We Start Wrestling?

    Wrestling is one of those sports that takes years (at least a decade) of proper drilling and practice to perfect, and even then there are things you still need to work on. It makes sense to say that the earlier you start wrestling, the better. The youngest guys we have at Red Hawk are around 6 y...

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  • When Should We Start Lifting?

    You can start to lift whenever you want. There are a few complications that come from it though, so you have to be careful with how you approach lifting depending on your age. Being able to manipulate your body and positioning is very important in wrestling. The better you get at various exercis...

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  • Which Club Should I Go To?

    Being a wrestling club ourselves, we're going to try to be as unbiased as possible with our answer to this. Many wrestlers have thrived in drastically different environments and wrestling clubs. The trick is finding which club your wrestler responds the best to, not to mention what kind of person...

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  • Reaching Beyond The Lehigh Valley

    Hi everyone, Seth Ciasulli here. I am the owner and head coach of the Red Hawk Wrestling Club. This is an introduction to Red Hawk's blog and YouTube channel and what I plan to do here on the internet. In order to help out the wrestling community as a whole, I want to do more. There are so many ...

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