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This blog will serve as the text translation of the videos I'll be making for Red Hawk's YouTube channel. There are many different types of videos that I will be producing, from coaching talks to commonly asked questions, and I'll be posting them on this page when they're released.

Any technique videos that I post will still be located on our Lesson Plan page.

33 Solo Wrestling Drills For The Quarantined

This video comes from a live practice session that I did on a Facebook group called "Virtual Live Coaching Youth Wrestling". The goal was to create a ...

Be Your Own Best Coach (Wrestling Mindset)

This is a little talk that I like to give kids when I first start giving private lessons to them. This is the idea that in order for you to bring out ...

Top? Bottom? Neutral? Defer? (Wrestling Strategy)

In this video I detail the various different scenarios you may find yourself in while in a wrestling match and what decision you can make to try to pr...

Dealing With Failure, Cultivating Success (Wrestling Mindset)

This video goes over how I deal with failure as a coach or competitor and how to start building a path towards success. This will go over a lot of dif...

Welcome To Red Hawk's YouTube Channel

In this video I cover the different types of video content I will be producing for Red Hawk's social media platforms.