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The Red Hawk Wrestling Club is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport of wrestling by providing a clean, safe, wholesome learning environment for our young wrestlers. We take great pride in watching our wrestlers grow as we help to mold and build their character, instilling in them a sense of pride and positive values that comes through the hard work, dedication and discipline that are inherent in the quest of the wrestler who... "Strives to be the Best He Can Be".

Classes for all skill levels.

Including drill, live wrestling, and instruction by some of the best high school, college and professional coaches in the area. Workout with some of the best and most dedicated work-out partners in the area.

Current Class Schedule

Mighty Mites (Novice to Beginner, ages 3-8)

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Intermediate to Advanced (Ages 8+)

  • Monday & Wednesday: 6:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Boot Camp (7th Grade+, High School, Freestyle)

  • Monday & Wednesday: 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Walk Through Our Facility!

Enjoy a quick walkthrough of our wrestling room!

Length & Cost

We have drop in prices, but if you plan on being there twice or more per week it makes sense to sign up for the month. Signing up for a month or more allows you to come as often as you want, to any class.

If Mighty Mites Only:

  • One Night: $15
  • One Month: $100

All Other Classes

  • One Night: $20
  • One Month: $130
  • Two Months: $240
  • Three Months: $340
  • Six Months: $620
  • One Year: $1160

Siblings are 50% off of any price option!

We also do special membership discounts for Saturday clinics or any classes outside of the normal practice schedule.

If you're not sure which class to attend, read the following explanations or email Coach Seth and ask:

Mighty Mites

This is a newly introduced class for kids aged 3-8. It is tailored towards Novice to Beginner experience levels. Here we go over the fundamentals of the sport. We cover stance and motion, sprawls, down blocks, penetration steps. We teach them the rules and starting positions. We teach basic shots, shot defense, escapes, and turns. We cover the overall idea of the sport and get them ready for our Intermediate to Advanced class.

In order for your young wrestler to test out of this class they must understand everything that this class has to offer, as well as not have any behavior issues.

Intermediate to Advanced

Grades 3-8 suggested. Your wrestler should have a basic understanding of the sport, the rules, starting positions, and be able to focus without disrupting the class. Some kids may test up and out of this class and into the Boot Camp depending on maturity level and ability to learn quickly.

This class is for anyone looking to truly learn our lesson plan and the sport of wrestling. We teach most of the moves your wrestler will need to know throughout his entire wrestling career, college included.

We pull them in as a group and demonstrate the moves of the day, depending on which lesson we're on. We have them drill as we walk around the room to make sure everyone can grasp the material and can understand the concepts. We give them time to learn the moves, so the pace of the class is similar to a clinic. Through repetition they gain an expert level understanding of the sport. We then have them wrestle live in those positions so they can try what they've just learned.

This has proven time and time again to create elite wrestlers, if you commit to the process. This is the fastest way to get better at the sport: understanding every situation and acquiring skills to deal with them.

  • Drill Time: 5-10 Repetitions Per Move
  • Moves Drilled Per Class: 5-10
  • Total Drill Time: 45 Minutes
  • Estimated Live Wrestle Time: 30 Minutes.

Boot Camp

Grades 7-12 highly suggested. This class is for those who understand most of the technique and want a much faster pace. We don't show the moves, rather we shout them out with a quick explanation. They should understand the sport enough that they either know the move already, or can get the hang of it quickly through the explanation or by seeing it done once by the group next to them.

This class is for drilling and live wrestling, very little instruction happens here. The pace remains high, which is our focus.

Conversation in this class is very minimal (except for coaching), fooling around is not tolerated. We try to keep the kids moving constantly with little downtime. Strikes are given to kids who can't keep up with the pace, who chat with their partner, drill slowly, or easily get sidetracked. They will be asked to go to the intermediate class if that is the case.

Be careful when choosing this class, it is truly for older or very advanced wrestlers. If you do not understand the sport well then you will struggle and may not get what you want out of it. This is 'enter at your own risk'.

  • Drill Time: 3 Repetitions Per Move
  • Moves Drilled Per Class: 10-20
  • Total Drill Time: 20 Minutes
  • Estimated Live Wrestle Time: 45 Minutes

We do offer membership holds in case of injury or illness. While we believe wrestling isn't inherently dangerous, unfortunate things do happen. We don't want you to feel like you will lose classes if your wrestler happens to get hurt and cannot partake. That being said, we will not hold memberships for vacations, because you want a break, your child doesn't want to wrestle right now, or because you play another sport.

We're sorry, but we do not issue refunds. We think it's important to hold kids to the commitments that you set in front of them.