Arm Drag, Pass-By, Shrug, Over-Tie


This lesson's goal is to teach a wrestler how to handle the awkwardness before tie-ups get underway. Keep your hands low, walk in, look for wrist control, take advantage of opponent's mistakes. Every wrestler has his little ticks or habits. Whether it's posting on shoulders randomly or jumping for a collar tie, you want to immediately react and attack.

That style of neutral wrestling is imperative for those who are plagued with doubles and overall lack of efficiency when not in a favored tie-up. You must be patient, aggressive, offensive, and defensive all at the same time.

The window of opportunity, it opens and closes and your job is to jump through it. We want you to pick that first window, that first opening, for it will open and close the slowest. Do not wait for a window that's gold plated with a green pasture and rainbow on the other side leading to a pot of gold (metaphors anyone?).

Waiting for a perfect opportunity will ensure you never take any opportunities. That equals massive hesitation. The best wrestlers are good because they are impulsive and do not hesitate. This is one of the hardest things to teach.

He posts on shoulder

  • #1: Grab wrist with near side hand, push down, arm drag
  • #2: Same as before, elbow drag, double

He grabs collar tie

  • Pass-By

    • #3: High crotch
    • #4: He circles away, far outside single
    • #5: Far ankle pick
    • #6: Hip-to-hip, grab near ankle

    Pass-By Defense

    • #7: Grab near wrist, pull to near outside single
    • #8: Pop head forward, circle behind
  • Over-Tie: grab collar tie over his, grab wrist (or inside elbow), pull head to chest

    • #9: Pull down to mat, circle behind
    • He circles out

      • #10: Far outside single
      • #11: Far high crotch
      • #12: Near inside ankle pick
      • #13: Near foot sweep

Both have collar tie and elbow

  • #14: Shrug
  • #15: Shrug defense (elbow out, far knee pick)